The Hungarian patent of dispersive dielectric mirrors.
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Dispersive dielectric mirror. United States Patent Nr. 5,734,503
Dispersive dielectric mirror Unites States Patent Nr. 5,734,503 Dispersive dielectric mirror exhibiting a monotonic, more particularly nearly linear group delay versus frequency function over a wide frequency range within the high reflectivity band of the mirror, which group delay is introduced on electromagnetic wavepackets, more particularly, on light pulses, when the electromagnetic wave is reflected on the mirror. The dispersive dielectric mirror can be well applied for dispersion control in electromagnetic impulse technique from microwave frequencies to X-rays, more particularly, in ultrashort-pulse-laser technique and its applications. One of the concrete applications of the dispersive dielectric mirrors is to solid-state-laser intracavity dispersion control of femtosecond pulse solid-state-laser oscillators instead of using of prism pairs. The laser built in this way is more compact, reliable and user friendly than its prism-pair-dispersion controlled predecessors.

Real-time 3d non-linear microscope measuring system and method for application of the same, USA Patent 11/814,917
  Vizi E Sz, Szipőcs R, Rózsa B, Maák P, Fekete J,
  Fekete J, Valenta L, Katona G, Kalló P, Osvay K
Filed: 2008.
ID: 11/814917

Photonic crystal optical fiber with reverse dispersion characteristics,
Hungarian patent

(Fotonikus kristály fényvezető szál fordított diszperzió karakterisztikával).
Authors and Institutions:
  Várallyay Zoltán 70% Budapest(HU),
    Furukawa Electric Technológiai Intézet Kft, Budapest(HU)
  Szipőcs Róbert 30% Szentkozmadombja (HU),
    R&D Ultrafast Lasers Kft, Budapest(HU)HU
Published in: Szabadalmi Közlöny és Védjegyértesítő
  114. évfolyam 8.szám II.kötet Filed: 2009.08.28
ID: P273 / 57