LEI 2011


Light at Extreme Intensities, November 14-18, 2011 Szeged, Hungary
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Relation between group delay, stored energy and absorptance in dispersive dielectric mirrors by Péter Gyula Antal, Róbert Szipõcs (P5 poster)


Sponsors and Exhibitors database entry:
Exhibitors (page 3/4): R&D Ultrafast Lasers Kft



FemtoRose10 PRC/MDC seed Ultrabroadband, sub-10fs Ti:sapphire laser

FemtoFiber ™ All-fiber, femtosecond pulse ytterbium oscillator/amplifier system

FemtoTwin, the inherently syncronized Ti:sapphire - Yb-fiber amplifier laser system

Femtosecond Dispersive and Broadband Optics by IBS tehnology